Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Did It.

in the absence of a picture of pumpkin pie, i will post a picture of the family horse, who is pumpkin pie coloured. 

After years of irrational fear and avoidance I finally made pumpkin pie puree out of a pumpkin I have had hanging around since Hallowe'en. I had been keeping it in Kai's wagon on the patio, so it was frozen solid when I tried to cut it, and I had to strain the hell out of it because freezing it had resulted in a lot of extra water, but pumpkin pie puree it now is. T'wasn't so hard. 

UPDATE: and the pie, she was good.


Katie said...

Pumpkins have an incredible amount of water that come out of them when you cook them, frozen or not. I'm in the process of dealing with (roasting, pureeing, freezing) my remaining pumpkins as well!

HT said...

i know! those bee-atches retain water like all wassup!
take a midol, pumpkin!