Friday, January 2, 2009

I Do Many Things in Tens.

So here is my list of ten New Year's Resolutions.
I resolve...
1. To learn how to use my new sewing machine. 
2. To go to the gym three times a week.
3. To do yoga every day. 
4. To finish submitting all those years of unfiled tax returns that I've been sitting on because I know that they owe me for them and it feels like some kind of weird savings account.
5. To stop swearing and use more interesting, less aggressive words instead.
6. To eat sugar only one day a week.
7. Same with caffeine.
8. To put in more volunteer hours per month at the David Suzuki Foundation.
9. To do more creative writing.
10. To finally incorporate meditation into my day every day.

I'll probably post a few more of these. I live for lists and self-improvement, so I'm all over this shit. Oops, I mean...all over this...snazzle?


pictured above - Kai works his way through a foot of smuddle-jinkin' snow.

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