Friday, December 12, 2008

Handmade Christmas

This Christmas I am determined to stick to my goal of having a totally handmade Christmas. I haven't signed this nifty pledge yet, but I plan to (update: I just did!) This means that I will be buying my presents from Etsy, from craft shows, making them myself or getting into the kitchen and baking them up. 

I am pretty much out of Christmas shopping money already, and I REFUSE to use credit cards for anything anymore, so it looks like I'll be spending some serious time peering through my oven window this holiday season. 

Sometime I worry that people won't want to receive baked goods as gifts, or that they won't be memorable, but then I think back to a birthday I had where I got all kinds of cool presents, I'm sure, but the one present I remember was a huge jar of homemade hummus with a beautiful bow around it! I think, too, that in this day of e-cards and facebook virtual presents, that giving a gift of nourishing or just plain fun food is more meaningful than ever.

I like to include the recipe when I give a gift of food, as well, so the recipient can make the cupcakes, cookies, bread, whathaveyou, again and again and hopefully think of me when they do! 

Consider including some baking gifts on your holiday gift-giving list this year! They're eco-friendly, to boot, as they leave behind very little waste and are as locally made as it gets!


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Katie said...

Yaaaaay homemade!