Thursday, September 6, 2007


I have been AWOL for the last little while -- an English exam and a Reiki practicum to finish up have been consuming me.

The main thing I am working on these days is trying to find a way to compost my organic matter.
It turns out that my condo is not going to have the Green Bin Program until 2010 -- my property manager says no condos in Toronto will have it until then.
I am going to look into it.

In the meantime, my plan Bs have included a short lived green bin piracy scandal and a pot in my freezer that I am hoping to collect vegetable trimmings in during the week out of which I will make a huge thing of soup stock each Sunday. There would still be waste from that, but I guess I am imagining that it would be smaller from having been reduced. Maybe I could something to do with that. Some kind of mushy boiled carrot top sculptures?

Another idea I had is that maybe one of the farmer's at the Trinity Bellwoods Park market, where I shop, would be interested in the compost for themselves. I guess then all my compost would perhaps have to be organic,

Another smog day today.
I was planning on checking out the Dufferin Grove Park organic market for the first time, but I am not walking all the way up to Dufferin and Bloor in this junky air.

I will try to post here more often, for those of you who care to hear about my enviro-exploits -- coming article on the whole condo debate in Toronto in light of any environmental issues it might raise...



Katie said...

Vancouver currently has NO urban composting program, other than for yard trimmings. People like me who live in apartments have no option for composting organic matter, except maybe a worm box. HOWEVER, UBC has an awesome composting program, so I collect my organic waste in buckets at home and then trundle it on in to work and dump it in one of the MANY composting stations a couple of times a week. Vancouver really needs to pick up the slack on composting for urbanites.

Of course most people are more focused on the copious amounts of garbage piling up in the city due to the civic strike. They should be focusing on REDUCING their garbage.

HT said...

so annoying.
i don't think a worm box would fly too well with adam...

Anonymous said...

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