Monday, May 11, 2009


First yoga class in TWO YEARS today! 
I do yoga at home, but you know -- this was an hour and a half, and was not as wimpy as my home practice is. 
Lord, am I sore.
This is where I went. It's in Langley. It was so wonderful to be back among yoginis and bolsters and chants. I totally value my home practice, and home practice is considered an extremely important discipline in yoga, so I am glad to have had this time to develop it, but I think I'll be going to classes regularly again. It's just nice to have the community.

BTW: In Toronto, I used to go here, here and here. 
In Vancouver, I want to go here, because it's the studio started by Deb Swan, who I used to take classes with the last time I lived here. This is where I used to go back then, and I'll still go there -- I believe Deb is still teaching there, as well, but they have a lot of great teachers.

Namaste, yos.


Katie said...

Deb Swan only teaches out of her studio now, Deb Eckhart owns the other one on w. 16th. They're both good. Yay yoga!

HT said...

ah. i just saw deb and thought it was her.

HT said...

we should go together!!!

Katie said...

Yes we should!!!