Wednesday, August 13, 2008

life in bullet point form part two

no time for any thing but bullet point at the moment...not sure why...

- Kohlrabi. Grow it. Peel it. Roast it in small cubes. That is all. Who knew?

- Moving to the big house for the fall/winter because the (tiny)cottage is under some very creaky acacia trees and there are some crazy wind storms here in the fall.

- Studio is almost totally cleaned out and decorated. This Saturday I am going to Long and McQuade to rent equipment, and then I guess I record this thing...

- Have temporarily stopped using cookbooks in order to increase my arsenal of recipes that feature food that is totally in season and found either in my backyard, or in the backyard of my CSA farm (which happens to be across the street.) Tonight was tomato-coconut-basil tofu with sides of braised chard and beet greens, roasted kohlrabi, baby beets and zucchini and wild rice with blueberries (from the best, and best priced, organic blueberry farm ever.) Loves it.

- Grey's Anatomy comes back on September 25th. I now think about this every day, so I figured I should make a note of this on my bee-lowg. I don't care what anyone thinks. That show got me through 24 hour a day morning sickness when I was pregnant, and is now my blissful one hour to myself a week. Sometimes TWO hours! Like on September 25th! 'Til series finale do us part. 

- Books I have read so far this summer: The Omnivore's Dilemma (Pollan), Frankenstein (Mary S.W.), In Defense of Food (Pollan) and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Kingsolver). 

That's it for now. Better update with photos soon.



Katie said...

- I love kohlrabi just sliced with salt on it. Yummmm.

- Eating local rules. So do blueberries.

- I'm way behind on Grey's Anatomy, but loooove it. I'm on disk 5 or so of season 2, and it's a guilty pleasure of mine to rent a disk and watch five back to back episodes home alone with a bottle of red wine and cry during each and every episode. I hope Paul goes away for a boys weekend or conference or something sometime soon so I can get cracking on more eps.

- I finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad you read it too - I loved it. We must discuss. I have started In Defense of Food. My stupid job is getting in the way of reading, but vacation starts in 3 days, so here we go!

Anonymous said...

Did you like the GA Season Premiere?
I know what you mean about the morning sickness. When I was pregnant with my third son, Northern Exposure reruns got me through nine months of nausea (yes, NINE months).