Wednesday, March 26, 2008

vancouver toronto

i am moving back to vancouver in less than two months 
and am now just trying to get through this last stretch
with some kindness towards this place that fits me so poorly --
like a housemate you scrape by with for months, then one person is going to 
move out, and suddenly the tone of voice changes, the loudness of the 9 am carrot chopping wakeup calls -- i know toronto works for some people, i also know that i am not one of them.

i haven't yet figured out what my time here was for.
i got a lot out of it career wise, i guess. 
i know i'll understand someday, but for now i am just basking in knowing that i get to go back to  that Best Coast I love so much. 


Katie said...

the coast eagerly anticipates your arrival.

HT said...

aw, thanks!